Sunday, July 15, 2012

Birth Sessions COMING SOON!!!

A Flash of Class by Jessika is soon to be taking bookings for BIRTH SESSIONS!!! Thinking of naming the package "FIRSTS" I think it fits right!!

     First Breath..
              First Cry..
                       First Touch..

                                First Kiss..

You ask Why? Why would you pay to have someone take pictures of the birth of your child? 

I think that questions sort of answers itself... Why wouldn't you?

You hire a professional photographer to photograph your wedding, right?

This day far beats that day!!

Message me for details. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Getting Engaged???

Hey Guys... want to give your special Miss someone something to last forever?? Ever thought of proposing, during a photoshoot, to get the whole thing on film???

Wouldn't that just make the whole thing so much better?

1. Set up a Shoot
2. Have the ring in your pocket
3. Get posed and drop to a knee, totally catching your love by surprise!!

... and there I will be, capturing her face, her tears, her happiness to last forever!

Know anyone soon to propose to their soulmate? Tell them to contact me!!! :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Welcome to all the new fans!! It's been AMAZING watching my fan base grow over the last 4 days! I welcome each and every one of you and can't wait to get back to work!!!

I will be having monthly contests. So stay tuned in on A Flash of Class by Jessika, lots of awesome things happening in 2012!!!

If you are looking to have pictures done, please note, I will be back to work as of Friday January 6th 2012, but I am taking bookings anytime! Just send me a message!!!\

Check out my NEW link.. up there ^ on the end!! MIRACLES!! It's a new thing I'm doing starting now, and I'm so very excited!!! 

I look forward to meeting more of you in 2012, getting together with past clients, and making life long friends!

Tootles, Jessika