Behind the Lens

My name is Jessika! I am a self taught photographer, who shows the world through the photos I take. I started my photography journey just before my third son was born, and decided then, that I didn't want to miss anything in my childrens lives. I wanted to caputre there moments now, for memories later. 
         First smile, first laugh, first steps.. 
I thought that if I could do what I love most, with who I love most, I wouldn't ever be tired of what I do. I have always loved photographs, I would look though old family albums and be amazed by the story they told. I truly believe that my photos tell a story. I try to capture and display in sequence, so as your looking though the photos, it's as if you were there!
9 times out of 10 when you say "That would be an amazing picture" your right! 
I have been told that I see things what most people would just over look. I take pride in my eye, and truly believe that I have true talent! I would love to capture your moments!