Birth Photography - "Firsts"

Birth Photography is **New** to A Flash of Class by Jessika, it is something that I have been working hard on trying to get together, so I can show all of you what it entails and why it is soo amazing and worth it!!

          First Breath...
                   First Cry...
                             First Kiss...

Why? Why should you hire me to capture your childs entrance into this world? Well I will tell you why!!

I am a Momma of 3 boys! Eric is 7, Ethan is 5 and Ehden is 3! I know first hand how the day your child is born, far beats any other day in your life. Weather it's your 1st child or 3rd! The experience you go through is very different each time, and sometime you are not always given an opportunity like this the first or second time. When I had my first 2 boys, I had no idea this was even being done. I then befriend a Doula, god bless her soul, and she asks me if I have ever photographed a birth? And from that moment, I was so intrigued!

While I had my 3rd son, I was like 'ohhhkay, I want pictures!!!' With a scheduled c-section I was being told it wasn't possible, but I did get pictures, and I LOVE them, and always find myself looking back and remembering all of those things that you don't remember 3 years later!!!

The overwhelming love that floods you the second you hear their cry. When you finally see that face you've been dreaming about. When you hold them for the first time, and spread your kisses all over them is like nothing else. This day is filled with emotions, it's long with anticipation (not always) and all of the moments worth cherishing are lost as parenting takes over, and those moments are forgotten with the lost sleep and diaper changes.

The birth of your child and the memories that come, far outweigh any other day of your life!

You hire a professional photographer for your wedding day, right?! So why would you trust your nervous and busy husband to catch those first moments, when he himself is trying to be there for you, fall in love with his newborn and possibly just trying to remain on his feet?!

Hiring a photographer to capture these moments, helps your support team do their job... SUPPORT YOU!!!

Wouldn't you love to be able to pull out that photo album when your 1 year old is all tuckered out after his first birthday party, or when she's 5 and she's smeared lipstick all over herself, the bathroom mirror and you when she tries to kiss you... or what about when he's 16 and going for his drivers licence!! What about when she's 30 and having her own baby!!! Have those pictures to look back on whenever you want and live those moments over again... Priceless!

I am so excited to be starting this as a full package and cannot wait to capture your memories in these absolutely precious times!!

I really hope to hear from you and hope that you choose to use this service to always remember the most important days of your lives!!!

Please contact me and we will discuss details on how all this works!!!


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